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I used to post anything that is on my mind in Facebook. However in the previous months, I have been very silent on that SNS. I do check my FB streams as frequently as I have did before but opted to keep quiet in there.

I have been more “noisy” in Twitter rather than in Facebook lately. I encourage my friends to get an account and obviously to follow me. Some of them thought that I just recently joined Twitter but I explained to them that I have joined Twitter a long time ago and have just recently been more active. Well, there is a way to check if you where there 1st before your friends were.

Just click on the link and type in the Twitter name of anyone you want to check out. The result will give you a twitter number which you can compare with your own and perhaps use it as a bragging right and say that “I was here first”.

Check Here

Mine is 36909623

My Twitter ID


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Evernote at a Glance

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I have busy days where I take notes to remind me of things to do, names of places, things or persons etc. I occasionally scribble it in a piece of paper whenever I can find one. However, nowadays all those note taking are done on my mobile phone. I used to put all my notes in the built in notes app of my cellphone but there was a time when I have to reformat my mobile phone and all my notes have to be copied manually so that it will not be lost.

All my notes are now on Evernote

I used Evernote for quiet some time now. I do not use the default note taking app of my mobile phone anymore. Here are the things that I like about Evernote:

  • Evernote is free (Premium plans have more features).
  • It is available on all platforms (iOS,Android,Windows,Mac,BB).
  • It syncs all your notes to all your devices.
  • It not only takes notes, you can post photos, music, pdf and others to your  Evernote.
  • It integrates in your menu bar for quick access.
  • Notes can be accessed off line.
  • Web sign in option, using a browser to access your notes.

So now, all my notes are sync in all my devices (internet connection needed). I take notes,photos,etc in my mobile phone and it automatically goes to the cloud and boom, I can now see it in my laptop and all my other devices.

I have several “notebooks” in Evernote to keep my notes organized. I do not worry anymore where I kept that piece of information because I know that it is all in my Evernote.

So if you are still using your built in note taking app in your device, I suggest you stop using it and start using Evernote.


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Dropbox at a Glance

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In my last post, I mentioned that one of the best places to store your backup data is on the cloud or on online storage sites.

I’m sharing to you one of the cloud based storage sites that I am currently using.


I’ve been using DROPBOX since September 2010. DROPBOX is free for a limited storage. The BASIC plan gives you 2 gigs of free storage if you just install it on your own (that is without a referral). For more storage and other features, you have to subscribe to their premium plans. I won’t have a comprehensive review here because there are already a lot of it out there. Just google for it if you want an in depth review of this app.


  • It’s FREE, but with a limited storage. (2gig initial storage).
  • Easy to use.
  • Syncs data on all devices without much intervention.(Edit or upload a document on one device and it will appear on whatever device your account is linked to, internet access is needed).


  • Photos taken on your portable devices can automatically upload to your online storage.
  • You can share your folders to anybody you want via email.
  • Search function on web interface.
  • Icons integrate in your task bar for easy access.
  • Files can be accessed offline.
  • Available on all platforms.(Ios,Mac,PC,Android,Blackberry).


  • Takes up space on your device. (You have an actual folder for your DROPBOX data on your machine).
  • Limited free storage (maximum of 16 gig for free account).
  • Needs internet access to sync data to other devices (of course).

In general, I use dropbox to sync my frequently used documents to all of my devices. I also like the way it syncs my data and stores it offline to my devices, so I can access it even if I am offline. I also use it to automatically upload photos taken on my Android phone. That way I can access my photos easily on my laptop without manually transferring them. It uploads via wifi or 3g. Once you have access to the internet, all your data will be uploaded and synced.

There are ways to increase your free storage. Last April 3, 2012 DROPBOX announced that if you refer DROPBOX to your friends, family or colleagues DROPBOX will give both of you an additional 500 mb each(it was only 250mb before) to a maximum of 16 gig depending on how many referrals you have made. For more details you may read their announcement by clicking here.

I’m a cheap person so I just want the free storage. I don’t want to shell out $9.99 per month for 50gig of storage.

Here are my tips to maximize (reach 16gig) of free storage:

1st you may want to boost your storage (and mine) by clicking here and installing DROPBOX on your machine.

1. Complete the getting started list when you register an account. This will give you an additional storage for free.

2. Refer DROPBOX to your friends. Each person you referred to and installs DROPBOX   gets you and your friend a 500 mb boost in storage. Remember, they must install DROPBOX if you want to get the boost. NOTE: You can only use your friends email address ONCE. If they did nothing with the referral that you sent, you cannot resend them a referral to that email address. You can only do so by sharing your DROPBOX link.

Gift to your friends

3. Share your DROPBOX link like what I did above. Email it to friends, tweet it, post it in Facebook and other social networking sites. Hey, you have to work for your additional free storage.

4. Lastly and this is a bit of a cheat, If you have multiple computers at home, or have access to multiple computers, install DROPBOX first on the first computer and log in to your PRIMARY account(or create a PRIMARY account). DROPBOX storage is account specific. Then email a referral to your other email accounts. If you only have one email account (you must be joking) then it’s about time you open another one. Access your other email on your second machine and install DROPBOX there using your referral from your first (PRIMARY) account then both your accounts now have an additional 500mb each. Continue this method until you installed DROPBOX on all your computers. It will require additional email addresses. NOTE: Always send your referral from your 1st account (PRIMARY ACCOUNT), this way you 1st account (PRIMARY ACCOUNT) will be boosted an additional 500 mb per referral. I used this method and installed DROPBOX on several computers.

Devices linked to my PRIMARY account

I now have 8 gig of free storage with the help of my friends and by doing the 4th option mentioned above.

What do you do with all those other accounts with 2.5gig of storage? Well, you can use them as permanent repository for your not so frequently used data.

I always recommend to my friends some sort of online storage sites like DROPBOX. I only wish DROPBOX would again upgrade the free storage that they are giving away.

So What are you waiting for? Install this app now.




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Do You Back Up? (The 321 Backup Method)

Posted by GensanBoy on April 7, 2012 in Tips |

A few days ago a Facebook friend posted that he lost his Macbook Air to a thief. That

The Laptop Thief

news was horrible. I read the comments and learned that all his data were lost including his valuable photos. Apparently his external drive was also stolen along with the MBA. This gave me the urge to finally blog about my obsession for backing up my data. Read more…

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Instagram now on Android

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Instagram now on Android

The popular Instagram photo app is now available on the Android platform.

Instagram is hugely popular on iOS devices. This photo sharing app is said to have surpassed 27 million registered users on the iOS alone. Now that it is available on the Android platform, my best guess is that it would double that number. Read more…

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Hello world!

Posted by GensanBoy on June 6, 2011 in Events |

Welcome to my Tech Blog

Welcome to my Tech Blog.

I made this blog separate from my GensanBoy.com blog so that all tech related blogs, tips or whatever shall be posted here.

I hope you will find this site useful.

Read on.

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